Stuntman, MartialArtist, and World Record Holding acrobat.... Robert maintains a varied arsenal of Skills. Over the years, Robert has created his own unique style from his many talents. Robert is also part of the Screen Actors Guild and over the years has been featured in Tv & Film. FreeRunning from the early age of 8, Robert has recently started a program and is teaching the necessary skills for the younger generations to build a solid foundation. Check out some of Robert's latest Feats:



NBC 6  


Parkour Short film




To Learn more about Robert's Parkour program, Visit the Parkour Page of our Website for further information on classes & more! HERE












Marco is a top notch Martial Arts Instructor.... Over the years he has developed a Unique Style and approach to Acrobatics and Tumbling. Marco has also provided A list entertainment for functions of varied titles and continues to do so today. Taking what he learns from entertainment acrobatics and applying to his everyday training is what makes Marco one of the Best.

Check out the following Video to see Marco in Action:






Wendy Gonzalez










Wendy Gonzalez is a professional dancer from Argentina with a Bachelor's degree in physical education. She was first introduced to the art through Ballet and Flamenco at the age of 4. She enriched her formation by learning such techniques as: Tango, Salsa, Brazilian rhythms, Modern, Contemporary, Bodily Expression, Tap, Acro Sport, Mime and specialized in Jazz.
She began her professional career at 16 years of age, teaching and working on Argentinian TV and entertainment companies.
In 2003 she moved to Miami and has been teaching and performing all over Florida. 


After over 15 years of experience teaching and working with children, Wendy has created a new fitness program "Creative Fit Dance Kids". She combines all of the teaching techniques and disciplines she has mastered. Encompassing physical and educational goals such as: cardiovascular conditioning, strengh and endurance, balance, flexibility, musicality, rhythm,  creative movement, positive attitude, self expression, persistence, self-expectation and social skills.





Karina Rodriguez











Karina Rodriguez is a certified teacher, considered Highly Qualified Teacher, by the U.S. Department of Education.  Her endorsement is in Elementary Education K-6.  She also holds a Florida Child Care Professional Credential, Birth-Five.  Being fully bilingual, (English/Spanish) she wrote a complete bilingual curriculum for her former daycare center in Hallandale.  Aside from teaching, Karina has a passion for the arts; which led her to create a non-profit organization to promote the arts to the children of our community. 




   Dylan Rickenbacker














Dylan started out playing in community league sports such as soccer and baseball in earlier years and then went on to play football all through out high school. Soon later started training in martial arts and eventually breaking into the art of movement also known as parkour. Dylan is currently constantly training in parkour and Chinese martial arts while he works as an acrobatic entertainer and parkour instructor with Creative Characters. He also works on the set of local TV films such as "Burn Notice" and "The Glades" as he pursues a career in acting. When Dylan isn't working or training he enjoys other athletic activities like basketball and football.